Up-cycled Slates

Spanish Roof Slate

S T O W E A W A Y  A R T

Sees beauty in things others would throw away. All the slates produced were once sunbathing on a roof somewhere on the North East Coast of England. Working in partnership with local roofers and Roy from the reclamation yard, each tile is cleaned, cut and then transformed into something unique!

Eco Resins

Reduced Waste

S T O W E A W A Y  A R T didn't want to contribute to more plastic based waste!
All our resins are plant based and bought locally. It's mixed in glass jars that were once used for something else. Any left over resin Is turned into earrings or gems to make other products with. Reduced waste and more lovely treats for you guys!

Giving Back 

Be Part Of Something Bigger

The driving force behind S T O W E A W A Y  A R T is to do as much as we can to make our planet thrive again. We attend local beach cleans, continue to reduce all plastics where possible, and give a % of our profits to none profit organisations who support environmental and ocean conservation. We are all contributing daily to something much bigger. Make small changes for a better life!