Meet the artist

Where do I begin, I can remember as a child, there was no wall, street path, garment or book that went untouched! There are lots of stories where this got me in trouble as a child but now I get to do it because people love it and I love it too! 

Once in a world of sportswear design I felt like the office walls and googled inspiration wasnt real enough for me. I crave freedom and diversity, I crave being by the ocean and having sand in the bottom of my shower at the end of the day. Living from pillar to post for the last 15 years of my life it has moulded who I am right through to my core. 

Each bus ride, each train journey, each day I had to pack my life into a bag, each weird and wonderful job I have worked, the amazing, AMAZING people I have had the pleasure of sharing meals with and each adventure that has made me change and grow inspires my paintings. 

I hope what ever you take from my paintings it encourages you to go on that adventure...

I hope it takes you to a place which holds fond memories...

I hope in the rat race of modern life it gives you a small peaceful break in the comfort of your home! ​

Much love always, Charlotte.